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Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum

About Me

My name is Chelsea Fredlund and I am a Licensed Midwife in the Placerville area, I offer personalized full scale prenatal, labor, birthing, and postnatal care; well woman care; and Birthing from Within childbirth education classes. My goal is to give you and your family the support and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor, birth, and the postpartum period.

My Services

Midwifery Model of Care

As a Midwife, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. Throughout our prenatal visits we develop a relationship that will help me serve you better in childbirth and the postpartum period. Every woman and every pregnancy are so different. Here at Placerville Midwifery I take the time to honor that uniqueness and serve your family practicing the Midwifery Model of Care.

Empowering. Supportive. Safe.

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Homebirth: prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care

Informative and Compassionate


Birthing from Within Childbirth Education

Here for You


Well Woman Care

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Positive Experiences

"I had a home birth June of 2016 with Chelsea Fredlund. It was the most beautiful experience. I couldn't asked for a better birth experience and Chelsea helped make that possible. She let my body naturally do what it was meant to do and was amazing to watch. Chelsea Fredlund is very knowledgeable and health conscious. I felt very comfortable that I was getting the best care prenatal, during labor and delivery, as well as postpartum and breastfeeding care. I was fearful if I could handle the pain of childbirth. She provided a birthing class that prepared me for the process of labor and how to relax my body. I was amazed how much this helped lower my pain which made birth a tolerable experience. If I ever have another child, I wouldn't hesitate to use her skills again. Thank you Chelsea for your great care. You love what you do and it shows."

Ashley Christensen

One of the most kindhearted and intelligent midwifes I've ever met! her presence is so comforting and calming, you just know that your birth will be perfect, safe and beautiful just as they're meant to be! I highly recommend Placerville Midwifery!
I heart Chelsea to the moon and back!

Derika Faamausili

"After a really rough first birth, my husband and I were so relieved we found Chelsea to be our midwife for a homebirth! During our prenatal visits, I never felt rushed and Chelsea was always very attentive to mine and my husbands questions, concerns and needs. We had an amazing and quick homebirth and thanks to Chelsea's confidence and calm demeanor, my husband and I could enjoy our daughter's arrival to the fullest. She was always there when we needed her (which seemed to be often!) and was by our side when we were having issues with our daughter gaining weight. We just can't thank her enough for helping us through our journey and for being such a wonderful human being."

Kendall Williams


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