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Empowering. Supportive. Safe.

Homebirth Package


Why homebirth?

Numerous studies have shown that homebirth is as safe, or even safer than a hospital birth for low risk pregnancies. At home a woman is free to listen to her body. The midwives treat each woman as an individual with unique desires and needs. In order to do the work of labor a woman needs to be allowed to listen to her body and continue to move, eat, and drink throughout. Women who birth at home with a midwife have much lower rates of interventions, cesarean section, and breastfeeding issues than a woman who births in a hospital. Birth is a normal, natural process and should be honored as such. Here at Placerville Midwifery we recognize the sacredness of your birth journey, while always keeping the safety of mom and baby in mind.

Homebirth package 

(Partial or complete insurance reimbursement may be available)


-Initial interview (no charge)

-Prenatal visits in office in the Placerville, CA area

-Birthing from Within™ childbirth education class (when available)

-Labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period in your home

-Postpartum visits in your home and in the office

-Waterbirth tub

-In the event of a transport I will come with you to the hospital

and continue to provide emotional support and guidance

Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits typically last about 45 minutes to one hour. I will see you monthly until you are 28 weeks pregnant, every two weeks from 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, and then weekly until you give birth. At our visits I will answer your questions and address your concerns. I will measure your uterus to insure that the baby is growing well, check your blood pressure, and listen to the baby’s heart beat. Routine labwork and ultrasounds can be ordered by me. I encourage you to bring your partner, your children, and anyone else who may be involved in the birth. We will discuss different topics each appointment depending on your needs and the week of pregnancy. Some of these items include: pregnancy and postpartum nutrition; any recommended labs or tests; childbirth preparation; herbs and homeopathic recommendations for common pregnancy complaints; emotional concerns; planning for the postpartum period; and much more. I am available by phone and email to address your concerns and questions that cannot wait until your next appointment.

Labor and the Birth

Throughout your early labor we will be in contact over the phone. When it is time, my birth assistant and I will come to your home. Once we are at your home we will assess your well being, listen to fetal heart tones, and begin setting up our equipment. If you desire a waterbirth we will help to set up and ​fill the tub. Being a midwife often means providing much more than just medical support. We also provide emotional, mental, and physical support as needed. After the baby is born we are watching to make sure that you and your baby are transitioning well, while honoring the space for your family to bond. This is the magical moment that you have been waiting for! After the placenta has been born safely, we leave the family to bond while we clean up.

​Breastfeeding and Immediate Postpartum Support

We typically stay for about 3-4 hours postpartum.

After cleaning up all of our supplies and any mess from the birth;

we do a complete head to toe exam on the baby and administer

any requested newborn procedures. We offer breastfeeding

support and discuss what to expect in the next 24 hours and beyond.

Postpartum Visits

I will return to your home 24-48 hours after the birth of your baby. At this visit I assess the breastfeeding relationship; assess your and the baby's physical well being. I will also assess your emotional well being and insure that you have an adequate support system. I will remind you of the important topics we discussed in the immediate postpartum period. Typically the following visits are at 3-5 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum.  At each of these visits I weigh the baby, take vitals on both mom and baby, check for jaundice, and again assess the physical and emotional well being of the new family. I can also perform the Newborn Screen at the 3-5 day visit and I am available by phone and email for questions and concerns that arise. At your 6 week appointment I can perform a PAP smear if desired and we will discuss family planning and self breast exams.

All of the above is covered in the Placerville Midwifery homebirth package.

Payment plans are available.  Many PPO Insurance Plans will reimburse some or all of the cost of your homebirth. Some HSA's and HCSA's will cover the costs upfront. Contact me for pricing and billing information.

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